Creative Listing Description Examples for Real Estate Agents

Creative listing Description Examples for Real Estate Agents

New properties are added to listing sites every day, competing for potential buyers’ attention. That’s why crafting a creative listing description that stands out in a sea of others is a crucial step in getting your vendors the best possible price. 

In this article, we’ll share tips for writing more effective property listing descriptions, featuring actual examples of real estate agents who have done it remarkably well.  

3 Tips for Writing Better Property Descriptions 

1. Apply the rule of three to your listings

One of the powerful principles of marketing is the ‘rule of three’. The rule is based on the principle that our brains are more likely to absorb information in groups of threes. Implement this rule into your property listings, by breaking your written description into three areas of focus.

For a fantastic example of a creative real estate listing that employs this marketing tactic, check out Toby Lee’s (Bellarine Property) approach of using three headlines – ‘The Feel’, ‘The Facts’ and ‘The Owner Loves’.  

Adding the quote from the owner is also a great personal touch and makes it stand out from other similar listings.


2. Write as if you’re talking to one person, not many

While it’s tempting to draft your real estate property description to appeal to the widest possible audience, a generic description makes it difficult for buyers to form an emotional connection to the property. As the local area expert, you’ll know who the ideal target audience is for the property, so write your property description as if you’re speaking to them. Writing in second person perspective is also your best friend when it comes to effective real estate listing ads, so use lots of ‘you’ in your copywriting, like “You will love relaxing by the pool...” 

Wes Thornton’s (Real Estate Geelong) listing below is an excellent example of a property description that uses personalised language and questions to connect with prospective buyers. He paints an engaging picture of what it would be like to live in this property, with phrases like “After you’ve started the day with an ocean dip...” and “The pergola and sun-drenched deck leave you spoilt for choice with outdoor entertainment options...” 


3. Utilise urgency in your copywriting

In a cooler market, buyers are generally slower to make decisions, which is why it’s crucial to lean on copywriting to create urgency in your property listings. 

Some creative examples of headlines to use include: 

  • Moving inter-state - must sell! 
  • Owner says SELL! 
  • Owner demands a fast sale 

The information agents can enter in the pricing fields on the major portals will depend on the state they are selling in, and the chosen sales method. For agents selling via the online auction process Openn Negotiation, they are able to advertise the current bid which is a powerful way to create urgency and make the property listing stand out.  

In this listing by Edward Lim (LJ Hooker Victoria Park – Belmont), he incorporates the current bid as well as ‘LAST VIEWING’ in the pricing field to instantly create a fear of missing out. Additionally, he uses the property description to reinforce this urgency by informing potential buyers the “Openn Negotiation is underway and the property can SELL AT ANY TIME.”


Your property description is one of the first things potential buyers see and can make all the difference in generating interest and securing a sale. That’s why taking the time to craft compelling, descriptive, and accurate property listings should be a priority in your marketing strategy. 

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