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Below you'll find all the full versions of The Better Agent Series interviews. Simply click on the 'WATCH THE VIDEO NOW' button for the relevant episode.

P.S. Be sure to check back to keep up to date as we speak to more industry leaders every month.

Ep 22: Scott Edwards - Full Interview

In our latest episode, we talk to one half of Starr Partners duo, Scott Edwards. 

The pair are fast becoming a shining example of what it means to be a digital agent in 2021.

Scott reveals how they're using digital tools to create a point of difference in a hot market + his own appraisal tips & much more.


Scott Edwards episode

Ep 21: Eric Bryant - Full Interview

In this episode we spoke to Eric about trends in technology, disparities and similarities in our markets and how Openn will add a new dimension to real estate in North America. Plus:

  • Tech tools: Ways to shake up your real estate game
  • USA vs AUS - who has the best property tech?
  • Top US real estate influencers you should be following
  • What in the heck is Blockchain (and how it ties into real estate)
  • Predictions for how the US market will respond to Openn

Eric Bryant episode

Ep 20: Alex Jordan - Full Interview

We picked the brain of McGrath Paddington's top agent, Alex Jordan - in a colossal-sized podcast, Alex shared with us:

  • The art of delegating for high-GCI writers
  • What advice he would give himself as a first year agent 
  • Real estate 2021: Adjusting swiftly 
  • How to scale your focus and commitment 
  • Extracting the full value out for your clients

Alex Jordan episode

Ep 19: Scott Dutton - Full Interview

Director and Co-Founder of Fighting Fair, Scott Dutton shares his knowledge of conflict resolution in the workplace, plus: 

  • The pillars (and the traps) of conflict intelligence
  • Revamping team culture: How to flip negatives into opportunities
  • If your work-life balance is in order or disarray

Scott Dutton episode

Ep 18: Kylie Walsh - Full Interview

We sat down with Director and Founder of Regrowth, Kylie Walsh and discussed what are the signs of an unhealthy real estate agency. Plus:

  • The glaring signs of an unhealthy (and healthy) agency
  • What is an 'office pulse check' and why you need one
  • How the top performing agents keep a work-life balance

Kylie Walsh episode

Ep 17: Leanne Pilkington - Full Interview

CEO of Laing + Simmons, Leanne Pilkington,  shares her thoughts on technology and what the future holds for us, plus: 

  • How technology will define success for you in the future

  • What the next 5 years look like in real estate 

  • Why 90% of your focus should be on the right now

Leanne Pilkington interview

Ep 16: Rik Rushton - Full Interview

Performance Coach and in-demand speaker, Rik Rushton, shares his tips for agents looking to better their communication skills, PLUS: 

  • How to adjust your comms approach based on client personality

  • 3 tips to becoming a master communicator  

  • How the best agents put active listening into practice

Rik Rushton interview

Ep 15: Matt Lahood - Full Interview

CEO of The Agency Matt Lahood shares what it takes to be a high performing agent in 2021, plus: 

  • The biggest time-sucker activities agents should delegate 

  • How he gets top performers out of a slump 

  • Leadership mistakes to avoid

Matt Lahood interview

Ep 14: Jess Densley - Full Interview

Real Estate coach, Jess Densley reveals his 3-pillar system for real estate success, PLUS:

  • Key strategies to secure 'Clients for Life'
  • When is the 'right' time to scale up your agency
  • His holy grail tip for agents looking to grow in 2021

Jess Densley interview

Ep13: Ray Ellis - Full Interview

First National CEO Ray Ellis shares his predictions for the real estate industry in 2021, PLUS:

  • His top 3 tips for growing your business
  • Leadership styles that are proven to work
  • How to use tech disruption to your advantage


Ep 12: Glenn Twiddle - Full Interview

Glenn Twiddle joins us for the second time to chat about Facebook digital marketing, AKA the "digital letterbox" of 2021 and beyond.

  • The top 4 Facebook ads agents should be running.
  • Why Facebook beats other platforms on a cost per appraisal basis
  • Glenn's advice for killing it in your digital marketplace 


Ep 11: Samantha McLean - Full Interview

Editor of Elite Agent Magazine, Samantha McLean has interviewed her fair share of real estate professionals, and she split the tea on the best things she's learnt from them in 2020, including:

  • 5 characteristics that all great agents share
  • Her favourite interview subject from this year
  • Her tech predictions for 2021 and beyond


Ep 10: Dan Spencer - Full Interview

Dan Spencer knows his stuff when it comes to prospecting, and he shared some of his killer tips for making prospecting work for you:

  • The foolproof question to ask your vendor that will get you more leads
  • Playing to your strengths when prospecting
  • Where the "elite agent" mindset comes from


Ep 9: Sherrie Storor - Full Interview

Sherrie Storor is a big believer in maintaining the balance between work and play, and she gave some great tips and advice for achieving your dream career without losing your sanity!

  • How to reach "Power Agent" status
  • Key dollar productive activities you should be implementing
  • Why a bit of R&R is essential to a successful real estate career


Ep 8. Phil de Fégely - Full Interview

With 30+ years of experience in the industry, Phil de Fégely  has the answers when it comes to auctioneering and applying that knowledge your real estate campaigns:

  • The 10 commandments of getting a buyer to auction
  • Myth busting the belief that tech replaces agents
  • How all agents can use auction strategies to their advantage


Ep 7. Steve Carroll - Full Interview

Steve Carroll, founder of Digital Live, filled in the blanks about how to stay relevant in an increasingly digital climate:

  • The main traits of an agent who will make it in the industry
  • Why your business must 'adapt or die'
  • How to create more successful working environments


Ep 6. John McGrath - Full Interview

Our interview with John McGrath was filled with great advice and comments about the real estate industry:

  • 3 critical components of being a successful real estate agent
  • John's predictions for the next 12 months in real estate
  • How agents should go about building their pipeline in the current market


Ep 5. Ray Wood - Full Interview

We got all the top tips on how to best market yourself as an agent in 2020, straight from the horse's mouth.

  • 6 advertising ideas that are proven to work
  • A sneak peek into Ray's huge library of templates
  • How to get more out of your CRM


Ep 4. Josh Cobb - Full Interview

Stepps CEO, Josh Cobb gives actionable advice on how to dominate in the digital realm:

  • 3 easy ways to optimise your website for lead generation
  • How you can beat your competition on Google rankings
  • The number one BEST way to convert your leads


Ep 3. Glenn Twiddle - Full Interview

Our interview with Glenn Twiddle was a wild ride from start to finish! We covered:

  • How often should agents be prospecting
  • Tips for running ads on Facebook 
  • The email you can send tomorrow to stand out of the crowd in your marketplace


Ep 2. Imogen Callister - Full Interview

In episode two, Imogen covers how to nail your online presence:

  • The top 3 tools every agent should be using right now
  • Essential content pillars for engaging your audience
  • A top to tail sales guide to implement during COVID-19


Ep 1. Tom Panos - Full Interview

In our inaugural episode, Tom covers:

  • Being a listing freak
  • Surviving COVID19 as an agent
  • Playing the long game with your clients

PLUS loads of dialogue tips and winning scripts.


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