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Less stress, more transparency.  Know where you stand, so you can make informed decisions.

How we help buyers

Keeps you informed

  Know how many buyers you're competing with
  Track the negotiation 24/7
  Get notified of new bids and offers, in real time

Convenient and flexible

 Participate from anywhere in the world
 Available on app and browser
 Allows conditional buyers 

Safe and secure

  Encrypted personal data
  All buyers verified & complete relevant ID checks
  Easy to withdraw if you change your mind

Properties for sale

How it works

1. Search & submit

Find the property and enter a starting price, some personal details and any terms.

2. Get qualified

The agent and seller will qualify and approve you – allowing you to participate further.

3. Negotiate

Track the negotiation, know how many buyers you’re up against and choose to improve your price.

4. Sold

Winning buyer is notified and the agent can choose to execute the contract digitally.

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How to participate as a buyer:

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Buyer benefits

More Transparency

More transparency

Qualified buyers see what is happening throughout the entire process and are not kept in the dark.
Multiple chances to improve your offer

Multiple chances to improve your price

Say goodbye to missing out because you didn't get the opportunity to beat the highest offer.
Your competition is real

Your competition is real

Every Openn sales method has undergone an incredibly thorough legal review to ensure compliance and protect against dummy bidding.
Buy with confidence

Buy with confidence

Being able to see how many other buyers there are gives you confidence in the value of the property in real time.
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Why buyers, sellers and agents love Openn

Exciting. Transparent. Fair. Just a few of the words people use to describe buying and selling a home through Openn. See what else they’re saying.

What people are saying

The thing that I liked best was the transparency of the whole process. With Openn, I knew that the sellers had a reserve price. I could put in whatever bids I wanted and see where that was against other bidders. I could see that I was in a place where I could get a fair price for the property.


Running an auction in these crazy times for the property market was by far the best and most transparent way to handle a sale. The seller and the final buyer (me) were happy with the way the whole process was handled.


The process of the auction was easy to deal with. The app is excellent, easy to follow and contains all the information needed for the process. Being in the comfort of your own home potentially makes you bid more as you feel comfortable and in control of the proceedings. Overall, a much better and ...


App review
I enjoyed the open auction, especially as I was the winning bidder. Having a glass of wine in my own home was a very relaxing way to be part of an auction. Being able to have a private discussion with my wife on every bid was a big advantage and there wasn’t any bid-pressure.


App review
An excellent and intuitive platform that made buying our house simple and easy. We knew just what to pay and we didn’t miss out. Highly recommended.


App review
The entire bid process was smooth, straight forward and efficient. I like the fact that it's transparent and you know what you're up against - considering that one is sometimes forced to present an offer without having any idea how close or far away you are from rival offers.


App review

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Frequently asked questions

What is Openn?

Openn Negotiation Limited (ASX: OPN) is an Australian property technology (‘Proptech’) company offering a proprietary cloud-based software platform to support real estate agents in selling property online with greater transparency.

The Openn platform facilitates a negotiation process, featuring streamlined digital contracting and automated communication tools, which enhances a property transaction. The solution provides buyers with real-time feedback through their device on how much competition exists in the negotiation, resulting in an optimal sales outcome.

Openn keeps everyone informed about property negotiations in real time, allowing for confident decisions about buying or selling real estate.

How does Openn Negotiation work?

Openn Negotiation is a unique sales process that combines the best of auction and private treaty sales methods. This sales method ensures a buyer can’t miss out because they didn’t know what to pay.

In a nutshell, a buyer must start the qualification process by searching for the property they’re interested in and entering a starting price.

They will be asked to complete terms for the owner’s consideration, which can include level of deposit, settlement date, and any other terms that can be flexible. Once the vendor agrees to your terms, the pending price becomes live on the property, and the buyer is allocated a unique paddle number, making them qualified.

Once qualified, buyers can see the paddles representing other qualified buyers, the current highest bid, the final bidding stage date and a bidding timeline. They can improve their price at any time or sit tight for the final stage. Alternatively, if they are the sole qualified buyer and the price submitted is acceptable, the seller can instruct the agent to sell at any time.

An Openn Negotiation campaign is identified by the Openn Negotiation logo on the listing, and you can read more about the differences between an Openn Offer and Openn Negotiation campaign below.

How does Openn Offers work?

Openn Offers is a private treaty/sale process. It gives agents a centralised offer management system and provides buyers with real-time information on the status of their offer and how many buyers there are. 

Buyers will submit a starting price, terms and personal details for review by the agent and vendor. The starting price is then progressed to the next stage where they can see how many other buyers are involved.

While the platform will display a date and time indicating when the final offer stage will begin, the vendor can accept any offer, at any time. The offer accepted may not be the highest offer, but it will have more favourable terms for the vendor.

An Openn Offers campaign is identified by the Openn Offers logo on the listing. You can read more about the differences between an Openn Offers and Openn Negotiation campaign below.

What is the final offer/bidding stage?

The final offer or bidding stage brings the Openn process to an end. The platform will display a date and time indicating when this will begin. Once this starts, new buyers cannot be accepted and qualified buyers will participate and decide if they wish to improve their bid or offer further, under a countdown timer.

Each time someone improves their bid or offer, or the increment is adjusted by the agent, the countdown timer resets. This is designed to provide plenty of time for each buyer to determine their next improvement on price. The agent can pause the timer and speak to the owner to set new increments, determine when the home meets the reserve or call buyers direct to encourage an additional bid.  The agent is also able to adjust the final bidding stage date, if needed. 

In an Openn Negotiation, after the clock runs out, if the property has met reserve then it is sold to the highest bidder. If it has not met reserve, it is passed in and the agent will continue negotiations. In Openn Offers, while there may be a final offer stage date set, the property can still sell at any time. 

Can the property sell early?

Yes, in an Openn Negotiation, if a sole bidder enters a price that is acceptable to the seller, the property can be sold to them immediately.  

If there are other qualified bidders on the property, the final bidding stage must be conducted to give other bidders a fair chance to purchase the property; although, this final stage can be brought forward.

In an Openn Offers campaign, the property can be sold at anytime to anyone, on the vendor's instructions.

How do I know the buyers are real?

In an Openn Negotiation, all buyers are required to complete and sign a fully binding contract as part of the qualification process, which is then signed by the seller. As a result of this process, buyers will have confidence that each paddle on the bidding timetable is linked to a legally binding contract.

The contract documentation and verification process all bidders and sellers sign before being allowed to bid is more rigorous than traditional selling methods. This process has been through a thorough legal review to ensure compliance with the Auction Act. Dummy bids are impossible with an Openn Negotiation.

In an Openn Offers campaign, each buyer accepts the terms of use before their offer is placed. The real estate agent undertakes a comprehensive identity check before progressing their offer, and each buyer is represented by a unique paddle number.

Is Openn legal?

Absolutely, yes. All sales methods facilitated through the Openn platform have undergone a thorough legal review to ensure compliance in all states.

Additionally, the contract documentation and verification process all bidders and sellers sign before being allowed to participate in an Openn Negotiation is more rigorous than traditional selling methods.

Why is it important to qualify early?

If you like the property, it is best to get qualified straight away because it could sell at any time. The qualification process can take up to 24 hours.

What is the 'observe' feature?

This feature is made available by the agent. If you are unable to observe via the app, please contact the agent who will be able to assist.

It’s important to remember that being an observer does not mean you are qualified to participate in the negotiations, but it will allow you to observe the process.

What if I change my mind and don't want to participate further?

If you decide you do not wish to participate anymore, you can withdraw during the campaign stage or before the property has met reserve.


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