Openn partnerships information

Openn has recently entered into a strategic agreement with RE/MAX and Professionals to support the adoption of transparent and digital sales transactions in real estate.

Currently, Openn has a number of existing partnerships and is committed to working towards many more. These partnerships and integrations cover a range of agencies, real estate institutes and other companies which align with Openn’s vision, offering ancillary services to real estate transactions.

There are varying degrees of the partnerships and sponsorships within these agreements as Openn aim to build bespoke relationships with each. Broadly, the focus of all integrations will include technical integrations and collaboration to ensure the most seamless user experience for buyers, sellers and agents alike.

Current list of partnership/sponsorship agreements within the real estate sector:

· First National


· Professionals

· Real Estate Central

· Raine & Horne Victoria


· Agentbox

· VaultRE

· Zenu

· ReNet

· LockedOn

· Rex

· Mantis Property

· Eagle Software

Other partners:

· Mortgage Advice Bureau

· LawLab

· MovingHub

· Core Logic (via

Openn is always willing to discuss strategic partnerships with any organisations that want to develop a mutually beneficial and sustainable relationship that focuses on delivering value for shared customers.

We ‘Opennly’ welcome any introduction or conversation of this nature.

It’s also worth noting that any of the above mentioned or potential future partnerships should not affect the relationship with any existing customer. And, just as we’ve developed a product which centres around transparency and fairness, we aspire to uphold the same virtues in all other dealings with any stakeholder.

Below are some common FAQs about these integrations.

What do your partnerships with other agencies mean for me?

In short, absolutely nothing. You will still be receiving the same great product and the same great service as before. You will notice no difference from your side.

You are partnered with my agency. What does this mean for me?

Depending on which partner you’re with, this could mean several benefits for you as the agent. It’s best to give us a call and we can discuss in more detail.

What could a partnership with my agency look like?

We work differently with every partner, and we have to make sure the relationship is beneficial both ways. If you’d like to discuss this in more depth, contact our Partnerships Manager, Will Hume-Humphreys, | 0419 899 181

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