See why more people are choosing to use Openn

Openn Reviews and Testimonials

See why more people are choosing to use Openn.

What it's like to sell with Openn:



"We were in Positano and the buyer was in London!"

Meet Lindsay and Kim. They first discovered Openn as buyers, before deciding to sell their own home using the same process.

Openn’s technology meant they could watch their sale unfold in real-time while they were on holiday in Positano, Italy.

"Nobody could go through this, and not feel confident at whatever the final result is"

Prepare to crack a smile as this 80-year-old vendor shares the entertaining story of selling his home using Openn.

Cyril is proof that you don’t need to be a Millennial to get on-board with the latest technology.



How we sold our house while moving to Texas

"We watched that happen LIVE, from the other side of the world – and it was the coolest thing ever.”

Imagine it’s 3am in Texas and your watching your property in Australia sell completely online. For Emily, this was her reality.  

Agent Reviews

Having been in property, new homes and real estate for nearly 20 years, this is the fairest and most fun way to buy and sell real estate. It is bringing an unparalleled level of integrity back to the industry whilst keeping industry professionals thoroughly engaged throughout the process.
Neville Stevens

Neville Stevens

GMAC Realty - Applecross
This is a game changer. It is transparent; there's no two ways about it. The buyers can see what other buyers are prepared to pay, and the seller can see what the other buyers are putting in. We're getting sales and results a lot quicker!
Nick Wallace

Nick Wallace

Bellcourt Property Group
This method of sale has given us the point of difference in our area! We are selling homes for more than expected and our clients are over the moon! Love working with the Openn Team!
Nikki Varga

Nikki Varga

Semple Property Group
This system is working wonders and I’m looking forward to helping more clients experience amazing results using Openn.
Caro Cunningham

Caro Cunningham

Ray White - Cottesloe | Mosman Park
Best piece of tech in the industry. Openn has made selling homes much more enjoyable and transparent. Makes it fair for buyers and sellers. This is the way all properties should be sold.
Vasco Horta

Vasco Horta

Nest Realty
This is a fantastic platform based on a great process, but also backed up with very user-friendly and clever tech! Openn gives confidence to both buyers and sellers that fair market value is achieved.
Gus Meikle

Gus Meikle

The Agency

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