Compare the Pair: Online Auction vs Traditional Campaign

Two properties. Same property type, same postcode, same agency. Different sales strategy. See the impact of using Openn. 

New properties hit the market every day, competing for buyers' attention. Some properties will outperform their counterparts due to a number of factors, including location, condition, price and marketing. 

But what if the sale circumstances of the listings were almost identical?  

Two similar properties listed 3 days apart in the same price range, with the same agent and marketing budgets, recently had a stark difference in buyer interest. Both properties were beautifully styled and located within postcode 3217 – a popular Greater Geelong hotspot. 

The biggest differentiator? One property was being sold via a traditional private treaty sales method, while the other was being sold via Openn’s transparent online auction method, Openn Negotiation.

The result

The difference in property views and enquiries is compelling: 

  • Property page views: 796 (Private Treaty) vs 1,761 (Openn) 
  • Phone and SMS reveals: 0 (Private Treaty) vs 12 (Openn) 
  • Email enquiries: 3 (Private Treaty) vs 10 (Openn) 

The Openn Negotiation sales method allows bids to be accepted from as early as day one, and the current bid is able to be revealed on all online portals. This unique feature has proven time and time again to be a powerful tool for igniting interest and competition for properties, as buyers are attracted by the transparency of the process. 

In comparing the total views of the two properties on, interest begins to increase again around Day 12 for the Openn property. This is when the agent secured their first bid of $512,000, which was advertised online and subsequently attracted more buyers. A total of 5 qualified bidders participated in the online sale, which culminated in the property selling for $685,000 on Day 18. At the time of writing, the other property remains on the market. 

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The Openn platform’s consistent ability to help agents reach more buyers and maximise competition on listings is what makes it such a powerful tool in any market. 

Ultimately, no two properties are the same and there are a number of logical and emotional factors that can influence the outcome of a property sale. However, when faced with a scenario where the sale circumstances are comparable, but the results vary so extremely, it is hard to ignore the role sales strategy plays in achieving the best possible result. 

Have a property that’s been on the market for longer than expected, with buyers or offers that aren't meeting your vendors’ expectations? Find out how Openn can help you gain more enquiries and get sold fast – book a FREE demo or talk to our team today. 

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