About us

About Us

Openn was founded in 2016 in Perth, Western Australia by a property investment banker and two experienced real estate agents.

They recognised there were fundamental issues with traditional sales methods that often resulted in disappointing or sub optimal outcomes due to a lack of transparency. So they began working on a solution that would combine the best features of an auction and private treaty (or private sale), remove their limitations and enhance it with technology.

The result was Openn: a transparent online sales process that facilitates real-time negotiation of a property.

What started as primarily residential property sales evolved soon enough into rural, and commercial properties, as well as land being transacted through the platform. In fact, since 2016, a huge range of property and land has successfully sold for various price ranges, across different markets and locations. As Openn grew and evolved, we continued to adapt the platform to meet the needs of agents. Today we support several sales methods, in addition to the unique Openn Negotiation process.

Our vision is to become an all-encompassing tool that provides a transparent and intuitive property experience for buyers and sellers, while supporting agents to excel in their marketplace.