Sell to the best buyer – faster

When buyers submit offers digitally through Openn, you capture:

  • Full legal names
  • Current contact information
  • Initial offer value (which can be easily increased later)
  • Any preferred terms and conditions
  • Deposit details

It means Openn's does the heavy lifting when it comes to finalising the deal – no more double data entry.


Why you'll love it...

No more double-data entry

Pre-collected buyer information and the winning price is seamlessly transferred to the final contract at the click of a button.

Save contract templates

Say goodbye to setting up a contract of sale every time you list a property. Build it once in Openn then use it again and again.

Retain position of saved fields

Saving fields allows you to easily swap out the contract document – without needing to add and reposition the fields again.

Accelerate deals

With less time spent preparing paperwork and chasing up buyers, you can close deals faster and grow your business.

How it works

1. Build contract template

Upload contract document and input desired fields. Only do this once - re-use templates again and again

2. Capture offers digitally

Buyers submit offers for your approval – includes contact details, deposit, terms, and initial price

3. Award Winner

Pre-collected buyer information is transferred to the final contract at the click of a button