What is the Observer tool?

Available in all Openn products, the Observer function allows potential sellers and other interested parties to watch your campaign as it unfolds.  

  • Generate observers via SMS, email, QR code or direct share link
  • Provides proof of your skill in managing online sales
  • Helps identify contacts in 'real estate mode'

Use Observers to build a self-fulfilling listings pipeline

By inviting people to observe your active campaign, you demonstrate your expertise to prospective vendors – opening the door to your next listing.


How this agent generated 100+ leads in 21 days

Simon Watts of Real Estate Central utilised the Observer tool to generate 126 database contacts, 2 appraisals and 6 qualified seller opportunities. Learn how he did it.

How it works

1. Launch the property

Make your listing live on Openn and any other portals

2. Build momentum

Attract buyers and capture offers digitally

3. Generate Observers

Invite people to watch via SMS, email, QR code or direct share link

4. Follow up

Qualify them as a potential seller and convert to an appraisal