Meet Openn's new digital contracting solution

Openn is thrilled to launch our revamped digital contracting solution – allowing agents to go from winning offer to final contract, at the click of a button.

Digital real estate contracting platforms are not new. However, often one of the biggest limitations of these solutions, is the need for agents to build and populate the final contract of sale every time before it is sent for digital signing.

Openn is uniquely positioned to reduce the time taken to finalise a contract of sale. This is because we capture data during the sale process that many other contracting solutions don’t, such as the offer details and terms of participating buyers.

It means once the agent is ready to award a winner, all the pre-collected buyer information can be seamlessly transferred to the final contract, at the click of a button.

Why agents will love it

  • Save and re-use contract templates –Say goodbye to setting up a final contract of sale every time you list a property. Build it once in Openn, then use it again and again.
  • Retain position of saved fields – Saving fields allows contract documents to be easily swapped out, without needing to add and reposition the fields again.
  • Accelerate deals – With less time spent preparing paperwork and chasing up buyers, you can close deals faster for a more efficient business

Check out the video below for a sneak peek of our digital contracting tool in action: 

Ready to start saving time with digital contracts? Book in a FREE Openn demo or get started wth an Openn Subscription.

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