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Darren Bromley

Executive Director, Company Secretary & Chief Financial Officer

Darren Bromley has over 29 years’ experience in business management and the corporate sector, including corporate transactions, mergers and acquisitions, business start-ups, capital raisings, financial and operational management, business development and corporate governance.

Darren’s previous experience includes:
• executive director, company secretary, chief financial officer and chief operations officer of Triangle Energy (Global) Limited (ASX: TEG);
• chief financial officer of Prairie Downs Metals Limited (ASX: PDZ); and
• chief financial officer of QRSciences Holdings Limited (ASX: QRS).

He has held a number of directorship, company secretarial, and financial management roles for other ASX listed and unlisted companies. Darren holds a Bachelor of Business Degree in Finance, a Masters of e-Business and has a great depth of business management and financial experience.


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