What is Openn Tender?

Openn Tender is a discrete online sale process, where offers are submitted digitally by a set deadline for the agent and seller to review.

  • Basic transparency – no offer prices shown
  • Offers must be submitted before deadline date
  • No paperwork until a winner is selected
  • Select a lower price with better terms

Take your next tender sale digital

Receive offers digitally by a set deadline, reduce time spent overseeing multiple channels and ensure a seamless experience for your buyers with Openn Tender. 

All your tender offers, in one place

Avoid monitoring multiple channels by giving buyers a centralised place to submit their offer before your sellers’ deadline.

Keep offers discrete

Buyers can see how many others are competing, but not their offer prices or ranking. Perfect for sellers who want complete privacy in their sale.

Easily pivot strategies

Receive multiple offers close in price? Easily convert the buyers into a more transparent and competitive environment.

Why agents love Openn

We have had vendors almost collapse in the office in disbelief of the result that had been achieved.

Mark Gunther



Best piece of tech in the industry. Openn has made selling homes much more enjoyable and transparent. Makes it fair for buyers and sellers. This is the way all properties should be sold.

Vasco Horta



This has given us a point of difference in our area. We are selling more than expected and our clients are over the moon!

Nik & Nikki Varga


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