What is Openn Negotiation?

Openn Negotiation is a fully transparent online auction solution where conditional buyers can participate, and all buyers sign a contract in advance.

  • Full price transparency, always
  • Highest unchallenged bid above reserve wins
  • Buyers with flexible terms can participate
  • Auctioneer signs off the paperwork
  • Advertise bids on all the major portals
  • Easily shorten or extend your campaign
  • No cooling off period applies

Extract better results with transparency

Give your sellers proof you’ve achieved the best possible result by using Openn Negotiation to gain live market feedback through transparent competition.

Attract more buyers by advertising the bid

Revealing bids in real-time ignites certainty in the
demand for the property and, like moths to a
flame, attracts additional buyers. 

Build momentum from day one

Forget waiting 3-4 weeks for auction day to see buyers compete. With Openn Negotiation, bids can be submitted from as early as the first home open.

Let buyers bid to their maximum

Buyers see all bids in real-time and get every 
opportunity to put their best price forward. They only miss out because they chose not to bid higher.

Create a wider buyer pool

Capture more buyers by opening your listing to conditional bidders.  Buyers with flexible conditions – like being subject to finance or a condition report can participate (subject to the sellers' approval)

Why agents love Openn

We have had vendors almost collapse in the office in disbelief of the result that had been achieved.

Mark Gunther



This is a game changer. It is transparent; there's no two ways about it. The buyers can see what other buyers are prepared to pay, and the seller can see what the other buyers are putting in. We're getting sales and results a lot quicker!

Nick Wallace



This has given us a point of difference in our area. We are selling more than expected and our clients are over the moon!

Nik & Nikki Varga


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