Openn celebrates $1 billion in property sales

Online real estate sales platform, Openn, has just celebrated a major milestone – announcing $1 billion in property sales.

Launched in April 2017, Openn has been offering agents across Australia, and most recently New Zealand, a welcome alternative to traditional sales methods.

Managed online by real estate agents, the process combines aspects of private treaty, auction, expression of interest and end date sale – into one transparent and easy-to-manage process.

Peter Gibbons, Managing Director of Openn, said, “We’ve worked really hard developing and evolving our platform with some of the best agents in the country to make sure it helps them to excel.

“Now, with even more uncertainty in the market, people are looking for processes they can trust and feel confident in.”

Murray Wellington from Wellington Barber Real Estate was responsible for the sale that tipped the platform over $1 billion in sales and is thrilled to have contributed to the milestone.

“It feels great to have played a role in such a huge achievement,” he said. “I’ve actually branded part of my front office window with Openn, which just goes to show how much I believe in the process.”


An early adopter of the sales platform, Mr Wellington says Openn is exactly what the industry needs both now and into the future.

“The industry was crying out for a process that brought trust and transparency into real estate transactions and now we have it,” he said.

“I think it will become the preferred selling and buying method in Australia in due course.”

According to Mr Gibbons, the rapid growth of Openn's platform has been driven by the continued success of agents using the process. 

“We thrive because the agents using Openn succeed,” he said. “It’s always been our intention to support the industry and to help agents reach their own potential by solving some of their day-to-day hurdles.

“Our team is growing along with the sales; it’s an exciting thing to be a part of.”

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