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Openn is a powerhouse of digital solutions for the modern agent

See how we compare to other digital selling platforms like Propps, Market Buy, Realtair and RESO.
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How Openn helps you sell more

Accept offers through your website

Guide buyers through the sales process by adding an 'offer’ or 'bid' button to your website that's customisable to  your brand.


Enhanced communication

Streamline your interactions with: 

Triggered invites via QR code, SMS, email, share link 
  Automated communications 
  Real-time updates via email + app notification


Digital contracts

Enjoy digitised and automated contracts with our electronic signing solution. It’s an efficient and easy process - all that’s required is the final price and the signature.


Why more agents are choosing Openn

Exciting. Transparent. Fair. Just a few of the words people use to describe buying and selling a home through Openn. See what else they’re saying.

Agent benefits


Works in all market conditions

Whether the market is going up or down, Openn provides a process agents and vendors can rely on.

Full support and training

Access to your own Campaign Strategist and a huge online library of articles, FAQs, brochures and tips to assist with every campaign.

Buy from anywhere

Generate global interest and allow your buyers to transact end-to-end, online, from anywhere in the world.

Flexibility of process

Choose the right sales process for your seller, extend the campaign or bring it forward to sell quickly and switch between sales methods easily.
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Place bids, make offers, track negotiations and digitally finalise a property purchase - anytime and from anywhere. The Openn app is available online and can be downloaded via the App Store and Google Play.