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How to make an offer on an Openn offers campaign

This article explains how a buyer can be directed to a listing and make an offer and their terms in a private treaty campaign

Buyer instructions to make an offer

If the buyer does not receive a direct invitation to participate from the agent, they will navigate to the property page and select make an offer button and enter their offer amount. Before they can submit the offer, the buyer acknowledges via checkbox:

  1. Their acceptance of the Openn offers terms and conditions
  2. An understanding that the property can sell at any time and if they are the winner, they must execute the contract.

After a buyer has submitted their offer, they are asked to enter their personal details and terms. They can skip this step and the agent can assist them with their terms that should be completed before an offer is progressed.

Following an offer being made, the make an offer button is replaced with pending offer until such time as their offer is progressed by the agent.