Final bidding stage advice, with 0 qualified bidders

This article contains information about the final bidding stage advice, with 0 qualified bidders


When you are approaching a final bidding stage and you have no bidders, you have 3 options:
The best option, of course, is to secure late bidders to compete! If you have users that have Registered Interest, or a list of people who have shown interest or inspected, here is an effective SMS to send

Thank you for your recent interest in 123 Example Street. Our final bidding stage is scheduled to take <day/time>. The seller is highly motivated - please confirm you are not interested in the property at any price so that we can move ahead with the sale. Regards, Agent." **Include a link to the advertisement as well**
  1. Push back the Final Bidding Stage and do a thorough overhaul of the advertisement to engage more buyers. Follow these instructions on how to review your campaign - How to improve the performance of your advertisement
  2. Let the clock count down or bring forward the Final Bidding Stage for the property to ‘pass in’, and then use the Openn experience to your advantage in terms of educating your seller. 

If you think you can secure 1 bidder before the Final Bidding Stage, but NOT a second/third bidder to compete with them, contact your Agent Coach to provide you with advice and resources to help secure the sale.