Agent preparation for the final bidding stage

This video contains information about agent preparation for the final bidding stage


    Preparation is key and we recommend you do the following before every Final Bidding Stage (FBS)

    At least 8 hours prior

    • Call, SMS and/or email all qualified Buyers to prepare them with how things will work (use this email template)
    • Call your Seller's and Auctioneer to confirm and settle on the location you will run the Final Bidding Stage and what time you will meet
    • Ensure the auto bid increment is set on the app
    • Choose your preferred countdown timer for 1 or 2 minutes
    • Charge all of your devices

    One hour prior

    • Double check all devices and ensure you’ve got a solid internet connection at the location of the final bidding stage
    • Connect up to a large screen if you have the ability to enhance the Seller's experience
    • Make sure you have all the buyer’s phone numbers ready on speed dial for quick access
    • Good luck!

    Supporting videos

    Skip to 3:39 for the Final Bidding Stage