Preparation instructions for bidders before FBS (email)

This article contains text about preparation instructions for bidders before FBS (email)

    Copy and paste the below template (customize areas highlighted)

    We recommend you send this email and follow up with an SMS for safe measure

    Hi BUYER

    Here is a 90 second video showing how to bid in the Final Bidding Stage for PROPERTY ADDRESS that is taking place TODAY/TOMORROW at TIME -

    It is highly recommended you watch this a few times to understand how things will progress. Here are a few important reminders:

    • It is recommended you bid from a tablet or computer, allowing you to receive phone calls from me that won’t disrupt your bidding
    • Make sure your devices are fully charged and you have a strong internet connection
    • Every time a bid is made or the minimum bid increment changes, the clock will reset to 2 minutes, allowing all bidders time to bid again
    • Bid early or you run the risk of missing out! There is no benefit in waiting until the clock times out, as all bids will reset the clock to 2 minutes. Bidding is a two-click process, you can alter the increment or go with the requested minimum amount, then click ‘Set amount’ and finally, ‘Confirm’
    • If the negotiation is paused, I’m either talking with the sellers about reducing the reserve price or helping another qualified bidder so hold tight!

    Call me if you need anything and best of luck!