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Email verification

This article explains email verification process and purpose and provides instructions for a user to verify their email address

Email verification is the process of confirming that an email address belongs to a valid and active user. It involves sending an email to the address in question and then verifying that the recipient has received it and taken action to indicate that they are the legitimate owner of the email address.

The primary purpose of email verification is to ensure that emails are sent to valid and active email addresses, which can reduce the likelihood of emails being marked as spam or bouncing back. It is also essential for maintaining the security of sensitive information as it reduces the chances of sending emails to incorrect or unauthorised recipients.

On the Openn platform, if a user has not verified their email used when creating their profile, the Agent view of the buyer table will display a red exclamation mark next to the email. 

A green verified check mark indicates that a user's email has been verified. 

Verification reminder

If a user has not yet verified their email, each time they log in to the app, they will receive a reminder message prompting them to complete verification. The message will include a link to resend the verification email.

Instructions to request a new verification link

If the banner message above is cancelled, any user can request a verification email as follows.

  1. Navigate to Settings and My Profile
  2. Under the email field, select Verify Email

  3. An email will be sent to the user asking them to click a link to verify their email. Once complete, the email show on their profile is verified.