Using the auto increment feature

This article outlines the auto increment feature and how to enable and set up increments for automatic application during the final bidding/offer Stage

    The agent can automate the application of minimum bid increments during the final bidding or offer stage, allowing more focus on communication with buyers and sellers, by entering the desired sequence. 

    When enabled, the automatic increment feature sets a new increment with only one second remaining on the clock. 

    Turning on the auto increment feature

    1. Navigate to the property and select the auto increment check box, located under the current minimum increment to the right of screen.
    2. Select EDIT to set the increments which will open the 'auto increment' screen
    3. Default increments are added automatically, but they can be edited, deleted, or added to as needed. 
      1. Click the 'Add new offer/bid increment' button located at the bottom to add more increments, and repeat the process as needed.
      2. To edit the default increments, highlight the amount and retype the desired amount.
    4. Save the page 

    When the final offer /bidding stage countdown timer reaches 00:02, the timer will reset and the increment in number 1 position, will be applied. The process will repeat until there are no offer increments remaining.

    Key tips

    • You can enable and disabled this option and save the negotiation at any time to remove this feature 

    • If you edit the auto increments in the final bidding stage, the negotiation will pause until you save the negotiation

    • During the final stage, the negotiation can be paused at any time, even with the auto increment feature on