Solutions when buyers are enquiring but not inspecting

This article contains text about the solutions when buyers are enquiring but not inspecting

In this instance, it is suggested that you reassess how you are handling buyer enquiries.

  • Prepare yourself for queries on price, ensuring you don’t defend the value of the property. You want to welcome the first bid at any level to get the competition started

  • Don't go into too much detail about Openn. The whole focus is to get the buyer to inspect - unless of course you have unicorn-buyer, willing to buy without inspecting

  • Try to mention that your Seller is motivated at every opportunity

  • Avoid talking price at all if you can. Instead we suggest replying with "My seller is motivated and I would absolutely hate to give you a price, and then have somebody else buy it for less.” or "When a seller is highly motivated, it is really hard to know what a property might actually sell for in such a strange market".

  • Have a strong closing question to secure the appointment. "When are you available to inspect?" is much more effective than "Would you like to inspect?"