Selecting an auctioneer

This article explains how to select your auctioneer for your Openn negotiation listing

An Openn Negotiation falls under auction law, and it is essential you have an auctioneer assigned at the time you list the property on Openn. 

It is the responsibility of the listing agent to engage an auctioneer and agree on a commercial arrangement for their campaign

When listing your property, you are given 3 choices when nominating the auctioneer on the team tab

  1. I am the auctioneer - You are a licensed auctioneer in your state and will be acting as the auctioneer on this campaign
  2. I am using my own nominated auctioneer - Select this option if you are using an Auctioneer of your preference (they do not have to be certified to use Openn) and enter their information
  3. I would like to use a certified Openn auctioneer - A certified auctioneer is a licensed auctioneer that has completed extra training on the Openn platform and process and has received elevated app permissions to assist with running the campaign remotely.