Responding to buyer enquiries, before you have a bid

This article contains information about responding to buyer enquiries, before you have a bid

When fielding questions from potential buyers on price, it is recommended that you focus on the following key phrases to create urgency. The buyer needs to place their bid as soon as possible if they want a fair chance to purchase the property.

Even in a tough market, if your advertisement is irresistible, you'll have buyers enquiring and the most common question is to ask "Can you give me a price guide?". 

Have a well-rehearsed answer to this question, and remember that your goal is simple; secure a time/day for the buyer to inspect the property. "When are you available to inspect?" is a more effective question to ask than "Would you like to inspect?"

Don’t go into too much detail about Openn; keep it simple.

Here is some great dialogue:

“It is extremely hard to estimate what a property is going to sell for when you have a highly motivated seller. I would hate to give you a price and then have somebody else buy the property for less.” 

If the buyer asks about Openn, say something like this “I will send you a short video after this telephone call, and if you have any further questions, we can discuss it when you’re inspecting the property.” Link to suggested video

Below are some key phrases to memories for future enquiries

  • It’s hard to know where prices are in the current market 
  • I would hate to give you a price and see it sell for much less to someone else
  • The seller is extremely motivated and wants the property sold as soon as possible, which is why they’re selling with Openn Negotiation which is a flexible terms auction that has started on-line
  • The sellers are motivated
  • Inspect ASAP because the property can sell as soon as today
  • How would you feel if it sold for less than you think? 
  • When can you come through to inspect?

You may sometimes need to respond to buyer enquiries by email and/or SMS. Below are links to two responses you can customise and send following a price enquiry: