Managing the final offer stage

This article contains information about managing the final offer stage

    To ensure all your buyers are prepared for the final offer stage, send them this email which includes a link to the preparing for the final offer stage demo video

    If your seller is considering a lower offer because of the preferred terms, it is important that you communicate this to your higher offers so they are aware that being in the lead does not mean they are going to be the winner of the sale. The buyer should consider increasing their offer or adjusting their terms.

    What to expect during the final offer stage:

    • Once the countdown timer to the final offer stage ticks over, it will be replaced by a countdown stopwatch for either 1 or 2 minutes duration (at the agent's choosing)
    • All subsequent offers or a change to the minimum bid increment will reset the clock 
    • The pause button can be used by the agent to allow time to communicate with the sellers and buyers
    • It is recommended that buyers should not wait much longer than 20 seconds in remaining time to place a bid, as it is a ‘two click’ verification process where you will have to set amount and confirm offer

    Skip to 17 min, 45 seconds to see how the final offer stage unfolds in the below demonstration