Key benefits of Openn negotiation for sellers (dialogue)

This video contains information about key benefits of Openn negotiation for sellers (dialogue)



Depending on the type of client, you can be flexible with the way you pitch Openn Negotiation. Below are some suggested dialogue taken from leading Openn Negotiation Agents. 

Key benefit for sellers

  • Doesn’t allow overpricing 
  • Captures a wider Buyer pool (by allowing bidders with conditions to participate)
  • Sellers can choose which Buyers they accept
  • Enables qualified Buyers to compete with transparency
  • Most properties are sold within 4 weeks 
  • A low one-time fee of $550 incl GST

We recommend watching the below videos where Will Ainsworth expertly answers questions during an appraisal

Dialogue suggestion - the market determines the price

If you’ve already met with other Agents, you’ve probably received some estimate prices they believe your property will sell for and some will over-quote to win the listing. 

Openn Negotiation is the only process that gives you the best possible market intelligence of what your property is really worth - by creating competition from the widest possible buyer pool. Openn Negotiation will give you the process to find the best price, not just a promise.

If the price we are realistically able to achieve is even higher than your expectations, then we will achieve it using this process. If not, then at the very least, you’ll see exactly where the market is - without putting a starting price on it - in just four weeks.

Dialogue suggestion - it's transparent for buyers

Here’s something real estate agents hear too often from Buyers, using private treaty sales methods: “I would have offered more, if only I had known what to pay”.

When using Openn Negotiation, this can’t happen! The process is completely transparent, allowing all qualified Buyers (and you) to see the competing offers and interest on your property. 

It means Buyers know what price they need to beat to buy your home and therefore you have the best chance of getting the highest price.