Instructions for managing listings on web portals

This article contains text about instructions for managing listings on web portals


The key goal of your listing marketing is to get bidding started. Once bidding begins, competition between buyers will push the price upwards. Create your ad with this in mind!

When to update your listing

There are three stages during your campaign where you will adjust the wording/search price on the web portals. Click on your stage to access examples and exact copy to use in your marketing: 

Best practice

Following restrictions to traditional Auctions during COVID-19, Domain and REA ( now have an online auction category available. For best results, we recommend:

  1. First list the property as Private Treaty and create as much urgency as possible
  2. Once you have either multiple bids OR are a week from the FBS, change the listing to an auction

If you operate in an auction oriented market, you may prefer to list the property as an auction from the outset. It's important to ensure you include copy that clearly notifies interested buyers the auction has commenced and could sell immediately. Speak with your coach for more help. 

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