How to withdraw a leading bid

This article explains how the Agent or Auctioneer can withdraw the leading bid if requested

    At all times, compliance with the Auction Rules as mandated by state legislation is vital. Please note that the following information is intended solely to define the limitations associated with the app, and should not be construed as legal advice.

    The Agent or Auctioneer have the ability to withdraw a leading bid in an Openn Negotiation. This may be useful if a buyer improved their bid to an overstated value. This feature is available in the Campaign and Final Bidding Stage

    Withdraw the leading bid

    1. Navigate to the listing
    2. Select Withdraw Leading Bid from the right side of screen
    3. Comment on the reason for the withdrawal such as bidder overbidding by mistake 
    4. The leading bid will be withdrawn however the bidder will still remain qualified and able to participate
    5. The under bidder will now have the highest bid

    In case the withdrawn leading bid was the bidder's sole bid, they will be categorised as "Resubmit" and will need to submit a new bid to take part again.