How to update your directory profile

This article contains information on how to update your directory profile


To appear on the directory search for Agents, an Agent must be certified and have created an agent profile on the app.

Agents will be sorted when users search by Agent name, Agency or Location, according to:

  • Suburbs an agent has previously listed a negotiation; and
  • Areas of service they specify in their Agent Profile

Agents that have listed a number of negotiations in an area or are an Openn Master will rank higher in a search than an agent that has not listed any properties.

To update your directory profile and Areas of Service:

  1. Go to My Profile through your User Menu on the top right of screen
  2. Select the Agent tab

You have complete control of what is shown by adding a customised bio, selecting which statistics you want to display (if any) and advising your areas of service.

It is best to consider how potential sellers and buyers will search for Agents and properties, ie, Claremont, Western Australia as opposed to Perth, Western Australia.