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How to register as an agent or agency admin

This article details how a user can register as an agent or agency admin to list and manage properties

  1. Create your profile or login to your existing user account
  2. Go to Settings then My Profile through your User Menu on the top right of screen
  3. Select Register as Agent on the top right
  4. Follow the prompts to register as an Agent or Agency Admin based on your requirements. Select Next
  5. Select your agency from the dropdown box or create a new agency if it is not yet listed. Select Next.
  6. Your request will be reviewed by an Openn Administrator and you will receive an email notification of your status being approved. If you require an expedited review, contact us on +61 1800 667 366.  

If you require Agency Admin permissions in addition to Agent status, request to join as an Agent first and contact Support requesting to be updated to Agency Admin too.