How to progress an offer

This video contains information about how to progress an offer


    Progressing an offer means that you are progressing it from pending to allow the Buyer to participate in the sale. This is not accepting a winning offer.

    1. Select the buyer name for the pending buyer you are going to review
    2. Select the pencil icon to review terms and ensure all the information is correctly completed and you have verified their identity
    3. When you are ready to allow the buyer to participate, select progress offer
    4. The buyer is now able to increase their offer at any time, is given a unique number/colour identifier and is shown in the offer timeline

    Note, if you have multiple offers, you can progress them in any order. They do not need to be completed from lowest to highest or in chronological order.

    Selling a property by Openn offers still requires professional real estate agents to take normal precautionary steps to ensure buyers subject to conditions have suitable pre-approval and their identity is validated.