How to invite a buyer to place a bid or offer

This article contains information about how to invite a buyer to place a bid or offer

Agents can use the “Invite Bidder/Buyer” function to invite specific individuals to place a bid or offer on a Negotiation by sending a direct link via SMS or Email. This invitation bypasses the public property page and will allow a bidder to go directly to placing a bid or making an offer. 

  • On the property page, select Invite Bidder/Buyer button
  • The Agent will enter the details of the buyer they wish to invite and then press NEXT to receive the confirmation screen before sending.

The minimum information required to invite a bidder is the bidder’s Name, Email and Mobile number however the agent can also pre-fill as much information as desired such as the bid value. All of this information can be overwritten by the buyer as they complete the form.

If the bidder does not yet have an Openn account, they will be prompted to create their account before being able to submit their bid.

Invited Bidders can be managed in the Bidder’s table and are identified by a status of Invited. You can resend invitations to invited bidders, or make changes to the information and send out a new invite if you wish.