How to instruct a buyer to place an offer

This article contains information on how to instruct a buyer to place an offer

Placing an offer is very similar to placing a bid on an Openn Negotiation. 

Selling a property by Openn Offers still requires professional real estate agents to take normal precautionary steps to ensure buyers subject to conditions have suitable pre-approval and their identity is validated

The agent has a number of ways to help buyers place their first offer on a property

  1. Copy & Paste the share link and post it on social media, or send it via text or email. 
  2. Put a ‘make an offer’ button on your website using the button integration feature 
  3. Send an invitation to place an offer, by entering the buyers information into the system and then clicking ‘invite’. This can even include the offer amount and some terms. 
  4. Instruct them to go to or download the app, search for the property address, and place a starting offer. This is really easy, and we have a short video here that demonstrates the process as well

When submitting the Offer amount, the buyer also checks the boxes of:

  1. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
  2. Understanding that the property can sell at any time and if they are the winner, they must execute the contract.

Once a buyer has made a starting bid they will be able to enter their personal details and terms or skip this stage and be assisted by the agent to complete their terms. Once complete they will see the Place a Bid button is replaced with Pending Bid Approval.

Buyers on South Australian properties will experience a slightly different Make an Offer screen, as seen below.