How to assign a team to a property listing

This article explains how to assign a team of agents and administrators to a listing and the permissions available

    Listing agents can assign a team of agents and agency admins to their property listing. This is ideal for agents that work in teams or need additional support when managing buyers.

    Create or update your team on a listing:

    1. Navigate to the listing and select edit property
    2. Go to the team tab
    3. Select up to two Co-Listers and two Agency Admins (Co-Listers will have their contact information visible on the property page and is ideal for agents working in a team)
    4. Select your auctioneer and remote assist, if applicable
    5. Save the page

    Any nominated co-lister or agency admin will now have the same permissions as the listing agent such as approving bidders/progressing bids, setting the reserve price and minimum increment. 

    If you cannot select your co-lister or agency admin from the drop down options, they are not a member of your agency. Please contact Openn support for assistance.