Getting your first bid (dialogue)

This article contains information about getting your first bid (dialogue)

As your buyers come through to inspect, it’s time to get prepared for the questions about Openn Negotiation and how they can get involved. 

It is your primary goal to get your FIRST BID as soon as possible and you do this by telling all interested parties that the property could sell as early as tomorrow.

We highly recommend you watching two videos below, from leading Openn Negotiation agents about how to get the first bid in as soon as possible and below are a number of key messages to focus on, that show the buyer how being involved in the sale will be beneficial for them. 

Focus your energy on buyers that are interested in the home rather than trying to convert fence-sitters

Example dialogue

Agent: Are you interested in the home?
Buyer: Yes
Agent: Great! The property could sell today after the home open!If you don’t want to miss out, stay behind and we’ll get you signed up.

Agent: Are you interested in the home?
Buyer: No
Agent: No problem. I'll send you a video later that explains about Openn Negotiation and I can show you other properties we have listed for sale too.

Once you've qualified the buyer is interested in the property, you should focus on the benefits it offers by comparison to alternative methods.

Example dialogue