Find an auctioneer directory

This article explains what a certified Openn negotiation auctioneer is and how to find one on the Openn app

Licensed Auctioneers that complete certified Openn negotiation auctioneer training, will be listed in the find an auctioneer directory.

These auctioneers are given elevated permissions in the Openn app so they can support their agent and manage the negotiation remotely.

When using a certified Openn auctioneer, please ensure you contact the auctioneer to confirm their rates and availability before entering their details on your negotiation.

If you are interested in becoming a certified auctioneer to offer your services to agents, please register your interest here for the next training session.

Find an auctioneer

  1. From the main menu select search and find an auctioneer
  2. Search by name, state or agency