During the appraisal checklist

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Appraisal checklist
  1. Ensure you offer and explain the features and benefits of all available sales methods, using the Sales Methods Compared flyer.

  2. Explain the Seller's benefits of using Openn Negotiation. Present the Seller Benefit's explainer video and supporting materials such as the Seller Benefits brochure that you have printed.

  3. Agree on the marketing budget; advising the cost to utilise the Openn platform, as well as an Auctioneer fee, that may be applicable.

  4. Fulfil your state’s legal requirements on supplying relevant sales evidence to support the setting of price expectations.

  5. Discuss how the reserve price works with Openn Negotiation (it can be adjusted during the campaign and only down during the Final Bidding Stage).

  6. Agree on a time and date for the Final Bidding Stage (FBS). If you're unsure at this time, put TBA on the documentation.

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