CRM integrations

This article contains information about CRM integrations

We are excited to share that Openn is now integrated with the following CRM's to make the process of uploading your property as seamless as possible. Once your CRM is set up with your profile, simply click a button to add a property, set up details specific to your campaign, and launch. 

Set up instructions

Contact with the following information.
  1. Your CRM information
  2. Your UNIQUE ID from the Openn app (if known)
  3. The name and email of the Licensee or Principal of your office 
Our team will email your CRM and copy your Licensee/Principal on the request for the integration to be completed. On the response from the CRM, the feed will be turned on and you'll be able to upload direct to Openn via your CRM. 

Once the property is loaded on your CRM, it will be in created status on your dashboard at need to edit the property, enter required Openn specifics such as reserve and Final Bidding/Offer Stage date and Seller information and pay and launch.

Only users with Agency Admin permissions will be able to access the UNIQUE ID. Contact to find out who your Agency Admin users are or request access. 


If your CRM is not listed above it may not be available for integration yet. Please contact to discuss the progress of your CRM.