Pilot with bridgeMLS, Inc. Northern CA

Openn announced its first pilot program in California. This is the fifth such agreement for the technology provider. Other North American pilots are running in Canada, Connecticut, North Carolina, and Massachusetts.
The technology, known as ‘Openn Offers’ was created by the property technology company, Openn Negotiation Limited (ASX:OPN). This ground-breaking offer management software empowers buyers and sellers throughout the home buying and selling process. The result is reinforced consumer confidence during one of the largest purchases of their lives.
Using the Openn Offers platform, bridgeMLS real estate agents will be able to allow buyers to submit an offer, terms and personal details for review by the seller and their agent. This starting price then progresses to the next stage where they can see how many other buyers are involved. This creates transparency for all interested participants in the transaction.
“Our team is always seeking opportunities to develop a strong relationship between Agents and consumers,” said DaVina Lara, CEO of bridgeMLS. “Openn provides a new opportunity to tighten that relationship through improved equality and transparency during the offer and acceptance process. Transparency is the backbone to trust and bridgeMLS looks forward to bringing the most transparent tool to our marketplace for both our agents and their clients.”
Eric Bryant, Openn NA Director of Operations added, “bridgeMLS is a partner that brings great value to the table in our pilot phase because of their cutting-edge attitude towards the advancement of new technologies in their marketplaces. These types of partners are valued in the North American expansion.”
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