Meet Openn: a digital solution that will impact real estate in North America 

An online platform is on the horizon – one that will shift the real estate industry in a new direction. Openn’s digital solution solves problems at the offer management phase of a transaction, all while embracing three core values that are the foundational pillars of Openn NA: transparency, equality, and efficiency.    

Openn empowers digital real estate professionals with a tool that addresses a broken and cumbersome stage in the lifecycle of real estate transactions. It brings a new level of confidence and trust with clients, resulting in optimal outcomes for every stakeholder.  

Who is Openn? 

Openn was created in 2016 by an investment banker and two of Western Australia’s most successful real estate agents. Together, they identified that transparency was at the root of inefficient sales processes that often created disappointed buyers and poor seller outcomes. The result was the creation of Openn – a transparent, online sales process that facilitates real-time negotiation of a property transaction.     

Openn’s adoption into the marketplace proliferated – proving that transparency extracts optimum results for buyers and sellers. Shortly after becoming listed on the Australian stock exchange (OPN), Openn started a North American expansion in September of 2021 to build its team to support sales methods in the US and Canada.   

The goal: to become an all-encompassing tool that provides a transparent and intuitive experience for buyers and sellers, keeping brokers and agents at the center of each transaction.  

“Openn represents a fundamental change in how negotiations take place between buyers and sellers of North American real estate,” said Eric Bryant, Director of Operations North America. “It offers unprecedented insight and transparency to consumers, allowing them to gain an in-depth understanding of their purchase position.”  

Why use Openn? 

Openn solves problems at the offer management stage of a transaction.  By taking a traditional method of sale and simply automating it into a digitized offer and acceptance platform, three things occur:  

  1. Increased transparency: This is for the consumer’s benefit, on the agent's behalf. When buyers and sellers know where they stand in a transparent, online transaction – all parties walk away feeling confident that the real estate professionals extracted the best result.  Trust is restored, buyers are pleased, and sellers can walk away knowing that their property was not undersold – as the market dictates pricing.    
  2. Equal opportunities: Openn creates a level playing field for buyers and sellers that cuts through any human bias, allowing all participants to be treated equally and fairly.  When buying or selling real estate through our platform, there is no discrimination based on race, creed, color or sexual preference – no matter what market you’re in.  Openn treats everyone equally.   
  3. Efficient tracking: This is for the agent’s benefit in helping consumers during the online transaction.  With improved tracking and workflow, the seller’s agent can seamlessly work through their digital campaign with the buyer’s agent while tracking offers in real time. When the market speaks, buyers and sellers can view competitive offers trickling in – giving them time to make an informed decision.  This leads to an optimum result for all parties involved. Another feature of Openn is its enhanced communication, allowing all parties to be kept in the loop 24/7.  

As Openn embraces transparency, efficiency, and equality, digital real estate professionals will be empowered with new depths of market data made available through our groundbreaking tool.    

With Openn...  

  • Buyer’s agents can help their clients make better decisions.   
  • Seller’s agents can present a powerful, new feature at listing presentations.  
  • Brokers can employ new tools to identify, recruit and retain top-producing talent.    

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