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Less paperwork, more offers. Sell smarter with Openn's CRM integration

Capture offers via your website, email, text or QR Code and then finalise the sale digitally – with no paperwork until a winner is chosen.  By syncing your CRM with Openn, it means when offers start rolling in, you can sell to any buyer or easily convert those buyers into a more competitive and transparent sales environment. 

Syncing your listings with Openn is FREE – get started today!

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Reduce your admin load

Once your CRM is synced with Openn, any properties you list will automatically push through to the Openn website – no need for double data entry.

Easily capture offers

Guide buyers to submit offers via any channel - email, SMS, QR Code or your website – and all the details will be captured in one centralised place for you to review.

Sell to any buyer

Choose a winning a buyer and easily finalise the sale with our e-signature tool. Have multiple offers? Easily convert those buyers into a transparent competitive environment within a few clicks.

Benefits of syncing your listings with Openn

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