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Better sales results, in less time, with more transparency.

See why agents use Openn Negotiation.

Social proof is a powerful motivator in real estate. Openn’s online auction process allows buyers to see exactly how many other buyers they’re competing against and what their prices are – at all times.  By running a transparent process you give buyers more opportunity to bid to their maximum and say goodbye to hearing the phrase, ‘I would have paid more if I'd known what it would sell for’. “

Openn ensures you’re never leaving any money on the table. Plus, buyers actually still want to do business with you – yes, even the ones who missed out. Try Openn Negotiation today.

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Why choose Openn?

It’s a winning formula

Openn is the most advanced and competitive purchasing platform in the world, providing agents and vendors with greater flexibility through an online platform.

Better results in less time

Agents are winning more listings, more referrals and reducing their days on market - all whilst managing seller expectations with complete transparency.

Technology that empowers agents

Openn empowers agents to secure their future in real estate. To be able to use the Openn platform, all agents must first become certified through one of our training options.