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Learn how to sell property with Australia’s leading online selling system

Digital sales methods are growing in popularity across the country. Used the right way, these tools provide agents with a fantastic opportunity to attract new clients and future-proof their business by incorporating technology and enhancing their offering.

Openn Negotiation's cloud-based platform facilitates a digital negotiation process – allowing you to negotiate and conduct the sale remotely and then contract. 

Hosted by Will Ainsworth, Openn's Head of Growth & Training (AU/NZ), this training session will take you through how the Openn platform fits into what you’re already doing as an agent and the benefits it offers as a way of selling.

You'll learn the key fundamentals of the Openn Negotiation and Openn Offers sales processes, essential seller dialogue, experience a Final Bidding Stage and have the opportunity to ask questions in real time. 
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Laing+Simmons Agents

Agents who are members of the Laing+Simmons network can attend this training for FREE (ordinarily $149).

Here is what you'll receive with your certification:

  • Dialogue and strategies

    There will always be peaks and troughs in the market. We'll run through dialogue that causes buyers to take action and put their best prices forward  - regardless of how the market is performing. 

  • Agent access in the Openn platform 

    Following your certification, you will be given Agent Permissions and able to access our comprehensive Agent User Guide which houses everything you need such as contracts, dialogue, how to videos and more.

  • Access to our Private Facebook Group

    With over 1,800 members and growing, you'll receive access to our private Facebook group that showcases regular help sessions, interviews with experts and a heap of useful resources, tips and advice from our community of switched on agents.

  • Marketing materials

    Exclusive access to our library of videos, graphics and promotional materials to help you promote your new service to your client database. 

  • Ongoing coaching and training

    You will be paired with your own Agent Coach who is there to give you 1-on-1 coaching through every campaign - whether its your 1st or your 21st listing - and access to ongoing advanced training to be an expert in the Openn sales processes.

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Secure your spot

Date: Wednesday, 25th August 2021 
Time: 11.30am -1.00pm EST
Location: Interactive webinar via Zoom
Duration: 1.5 hours 
Cost: FREE for Laing+Simmons agents

Why choose Openn?


It's a winning formula

Openn combines the ease of private treaty and the transparency of auction, with cutting edge technology to ensure the best possible property sales outcome. 

Better results in less time

Agents are winning more listings, more referrals and reducing their days on market - all whilst managing seller expectations with complete transparency.

Technology that empowers

We help agents adapt to customer needs and future proof their business. You remain central to the negotiation at all times - Openn simply doesn't work without agents.


About your trainer: Will Ainsworth

Embracing innovation and technology has always paid dividends for Will - he was the top selling agent for the McGrath network in Victoria for the last three years, maintaining an impressive record of over 90 per cent clearance rate and selling more than 100 properties a year.
In July 2019, he was the first agent in his area to pioneer a new online selling method, Openn Negotiation, which completely transformed his business. Within 2 months he had doubled his average number of bidders and halved his days on market.
After a year of extraordinary results, Will decided to leave behind his flourishing career as an agent and Principal to take on a challenge at Openn Negotiation as Head of Growth & Training AUS/NZ.
In his new role at Openn, Will readily gives away his personal secrets of success to help other agents grow.

When were you THIS excited to sell property?

More agents are realising the power Openn has to provide outstanding results to both buyers AND sellers. Hear from some of the below: