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What is Openn?

Openn is the most advanced competitive purchasing platform in the world; combining the best parts of auction and private treaty.



Better results in less time

Agents are winning more listings, more referrals and reducing their days on market - all whilst managing seller expectations with complete transparency.


Take control of your future

To use the Openn sales method you need to be "Openn Certified" book a chat with us today to find out when our next introductory course is!

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Openn in a nutshell


Openn is an online property purchasing platform designed to be transparent and fair for both buyers and sellers. Managed by professional real estate agents, it allows qualified buyers to openly negotiate on price with the advantage of knowing exactly how many real competing buyers there are and what's the price they have to beat.


List a property for sale using the process most appropriate with any of Openn’s suite of sales methods. Once the property is live potential buyers will be able to find the listing on the Openn platform. 


Get buyers involved by using the Invite Buyer Function, as all that’s needed is their name, email address and starting price. Then accept and sign off the buyers terms before approving the price.


The Final Stage is the crescendo of the Openn process where participants compete under a countdown clock until a final unchallenged bid or offer. Throughout this keep buyers in the loop, from the first bid or offer to the final moments before the property is sold.


After executing the sale, the app then prepares a digital contract to be sent to the appropriate signees to be signed off digitally. Leverage your Final Stage timelines and data as marketing material to help secure more listings and get more business.


Less days on the market


More positive referrals


Know true buyer interest


Better results for sellers


Retain high fees


Improves perception of agents

Wondering how buying a property works in an Openn campaign?

How to buy with Openn

Openn facilitates a more transparent process for buying and selling property.

What is Openn


What is Openn?

Openn Negotiation Limited (ASX: OPN) is an Australian property technology (‘Proptech’) company offering a proprietary cloud-based software platform to support real estate agents in selling property online with greater transparency. The Openn platform facilitates a negotiation process, featuring streamlined digital contracting and automated communication tools, which enhances a property transaction. The solution provides buyers with real-time feedback through their device on how much competition exists and where their price stands in the negotiation, resulting in an optimal sales outcome. Openn keeps everyone informed about property negotiations in real time, allowing for confident decisions about buying or selling real estate.

Why should I sell my Vendors property through Openn?

Openn provides buyers with transparency of price, while creating healthy competition. This means that as an agent, you can offer far more value to your clients because they know exactly what is happening throughout the entire process. It connects you with more prospective clients and restores the value both vendors and buyers see in the profession by making the process clearer and user friendly. Openn is a more effective and simpler way for you to work because it gives you the flexibility to choose the best sales method for your seller, receive bids and offers to a centralised location, approve buyers and negotiate all from the palm of your hand.

Is this replacing real estate agents? 

Openn was created by agents, for agents and only licensed real estate agents can list with Openn.

How do I list a property? 

Before you receive full agent access Openn app, you are required to undergo Certification training. We have a range of options to help you get certified. The process takes less than 90 minutes and is then available whenever you need it. You can register for training here. As a Certified Openn Agent, you’ll also receive 1-on-1 specialist coaching, marketing and promotional materials, access to our resource centre and entry to our private Facebook group of certified agents. 

How much does it cost? 

It costs $550 (incl GST) to upload a listing to the Openn Platform, which is refundable if the property does not sell. The $550 fee for conducting an Openn campaign is paid by the vendor under Vendor Paid Advertising. This covers the cost of downloading the property onto the Openn web portal, advertising the property on Openn, and managing the sale through the App.

Is it easy to get started with Openn?

You won't be going in alone with Openn. we provide training, webinars, marketing brochures, guides and dialogue templates to help you have your best year in real estate!