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How to conquer the 3 stages of real estate How to conquer the 3 stages of real estate

A lot of agents think hitting $1million GCI is the ultimate goal in real estate. 

There’s countless articles and training sessions on how to be a million-dollar agent. But what about becoming a $250k, or $500k a year agent?  
According to leading Ray White Upper North Shore Principal, David Walker, there are 3 key phases in an agent's career, and they require different focuses to conquer: 
$0-$250k GCI – focus on your skillset 
$250k-$500k GCI – focus on building your team 
$500k+ GCI – focus on your headspace 
In this FREE Openn Accelerate session, David will share exactly what activities and strategies you should be concentrating on to surpass each level. 

What we'll cover

$0 - $250k GCI – focus on your skillset 

  • Nailing the fundamentals of your listing presentation 
  • How to create a point of difference when you're new to the industry
  • Incorporating self-improvement into your business

$250k-$500k GCI – focus on building your team 

  • Hiring tips – who to hire and what qualities to look for
  • Example targets to set your new employees in their first month
  • Incentive structures that retain good staff

$500k+ GCI - focus on your headspace 

  • How to build an abundance headspace
  • Dealing with rejection and your competition
  • What it means to be accountable to your team 

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Secure your spot

Date: Thursday, 14th October
Start Time: 1pm AEDT  (10am AWST or 12.30pm ACST)
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: FREE Delivered online via Zoom

About David

As a Ray White Upper North Shore director and licensee, David Walker leads one of the most successful real estate teams in Australia.
David has been named among the highest operators in the Ray White Group, ranked #9 in REB’s Top 100 Agents for 2021 and is part of the Group’s Chairman’s Club – settling commission well in excess of $1.25 million a year. 

He has over 15 years’ experience in the industry and has personally surpassed over $1 billion in sales. 

David Walker


About Will Ainsworth

Embracing innovation and technology has always paid dividends for Will - he was the top selling agent for the McGrath network in Victoria for the last three years, maintaining an impressive record of over 90 per cent clearance rate and selling more than 100 properties a year.
In his new role at Openn, Will readily gives away his personal secrets of success to help other agents grow.