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Negotiation skills separate the top agents from the average  

As an agent, your core job is to get your clients the best price possible. When the goals of vendors and buyers inevitably clash, it creates a challenge that can make or break the deal.
That is why a skilled agent is necessary to align their needs and get them to meet in the middle. It means you need to be able to have tough conversations. Not just with your buyers, but your vendors too.
In this online training session, Will Ainsworth and Brent Ilicic will join forces to share their vendor negotiating and communication strategies. You'll also have the chance to participate in a LIVE roleplay where Will and Brent will be putting their negotiation skills on full display!
You don’t need to be an auctioneer to apply these learnings to your property campaigns. Secure your spot today! 

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What we'll cover

  • Navigating the first reserve set meeting - a reserve price is not 'set and forget'! We'll run through some of the key do's and don'ts of this crucial first meeting
  • Getting comfortable with uncomfortable conversations - we'll share our biggest communication tips when it comes to engaging with sellers on price 
  • The Price Framing Model - you need to prepare your vendor for every scenario. We'll share the methodology for conducting regular price conversations
  • Example scripts  - Will and Brent will roleplay vendor dialogue, live during the session. You'll have the chance to throw any tricky questions our way to see how we would respond! 

Secure your spot

Date: Wednesday, 9th June 2021 
Time: 11.00am AWST | 1.00pm AEST
Location: Interactive webinar via Zoom
Duration: 1 hour 
Cost: $75 or $49 for Certified Openn agents*

Register below by simply filling in the form and completing payment.

*Certified Openn Negotiation Agents receive discounts on training. Contact support@openn.com.au for more information.

Meet Brent Ilicic

Over the past 10 years Brent has worked alongside many of Australia’s leading real estate businesses and conducted over 5000 successful property auctions. In 2015 he founded and directed Victoria’s largest independent auctioneering firm.

As a result, when it comes to auctions, he's seen pretty much everything and knows every trick in the book. Some were taught to him by the experts in the industry, many he's developed and mastered on his own.
As an extension of his auctioneering service, he is passionate about partnering with his clients to train these sales techniques.

About Will Ainsworth

Embracing innovation and technology has always paid dividends for Will - he was the top selling agent for the McGrath network in Victoria for the last three years, maintaining an impressive record of over 90 per cent clearance rate and selling more than 100 properties a year.
In July 2019, he was the first agent in his area to pioneer a new online selling method, Openn Negotiation, which completely transformed his business. Within 2 months he had doubled his average number of bidders and halved his days on market.
After a year of extraordinary results, Will decided to leave behind his flourishing career as an agent and Principal to take on a challenge at Openn Negotiation as Head of Growth & Training AUS/NZ.
In his new role at Openn, Will readily gives away his personal secrets of success to help other agents grow.