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More buyers, more prospects and better results.

Find out how Openn's digital sales platform grows and maintains your listing pipeline.

5 ways Openn helps agents generate more appraisals 


The more buyers you can meet and capture during your property campaign, the better – because chances are many of them have something to sell themselves.  

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Openn creates a wider buyer pool, as buyers who would normally be excluded from a traditional auction, such as those with flexible conditions, can participate. Coupled with the ability to allow buyers to transact online, from anywhere in the world, means agents truly maximise their listing’s potential to build relationships with new ready-to-sell prospects.  
Openn's recent market insights report found 1 in 5 properties sell for >$50k more than expected. What does this tell us? Pricing a property is incredibly challenging and risky. 
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An underpriced property creates a glass ceiling on the achievable price, while an overpriced listing will sit on the market and risk the chance of achieving top dollar through lack of competition.
Openn allows buyers to set the price. If the opening price is low – the market responds by turning up in droves to your next inspection. If it's close to market value, your vendor has proof. The agents controls the whole process, allowing you to be flexible throughout the campaign by managing the minimum bid increment and sellers’ reserve.

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27 per cent of sellers list with an Openn agent after observing a sale on the platform, proving it’s a powerful tool to win more listings.  

Openn’s free observer feature allows you to welcome potential sellers to watch your campaign as it unfolds.They see how many buyers are joining and (depending on the sales settings) they see the offer prices updated in real-time. Leading agents looking to increase their market share will send an invitation to observe via SMS, email or letter box drop to a targeted street or suburb.

Watching you leverage modern tools to extract an incredible result for another seller, makes their decision to choose you as their agent much easier. 
When properties sit on the market for more than 30 days, it sucks up your energy, sellers become increasingly anxious and often the only solution is to ratchet the price down. That's why it's better to start by using a process that builds competition amongst buyers in a short space of time, while giving sellers certainty they aren’t underselling the property. 
This is where Openn’s countdown feature is really powerful – it creates a defined timeframe, builds urgency and develops a strong fear of missing out amongst buyers. 

Buyers can submit bids and offers from day one of the campaign, giving your seller real-time feedback on how the market is pricing the property. The Openn Negotiation online auction sales method is particularly effective as buyers are pre-contracted, allowing bids to be revealed publicly. If buyer interest starts to wane, sellers can confidently make a decision to sell, knowing optimum market value has been reached.

Referrals are often the largest source of appraisal generation for agents.

When you use Openn, you attract more buyers, ensure the home isn’t undersold and keep everyone in the loop 24/7.  

It's a recipe for success that leads to life-changing results – again and again.


When those same clients think about selling again in another few's a no brainer which agent is at the top of their contact list.


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